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FT50 List & Campaign - Please support IJHRM

  • 1.  FT50 List & Campaign - Please support IJHRM

    Posted 12-16-2020 14:27

    Dear Colleague

    You have probably been approached over the last few days by a number of journal editors to endorse their journal to be on the FT50 list. We appreciate that before Christmas (and with a flood of these approaches) you might not want to read further - but we would also like to outline the important case for the International Journal of Human Resource Management (IJHRM) with respect to the HR division and IJHRM's long standing interest, excellence and rigour in this area. 

    Thank you for your support of the International Journal of Human Resource Management over the years– let us ask you now to help HRM issues to gain further attention. As you might be aware, IJHRM was previously on the FT50 Journal List until just a few years ago. At that time, due to its rapid growth and the volume of submissions all handled by a small team its Impact Factor (IF) slipped to below 1.0. Supported by the global HRM research community, the measures taken since then by a new Editorial Team, Associate Editors and Editorial Board, as well as your hard work as authors and reviewers, have resulted in a substantial improvement in its quality and reach. With > 3.0  IJHRM now not only has a 2 year IF that is significantly higher than when it was on the FT list previously, it is also on par with (or above) many of those currently listed in the FT 50 while often being much more widely downloaded and cited. We therefore believe that it is time to put IJHRM back on the list.  Here is how you can help.


    We want to ask you to support our endeavor to rejoin the FT50 Journal List. The survey is available at https://survey.ft.com/jfe/form/SV_8qBwlr4MLqwwQaV

    To propose IJHRM's inclusion in the FT50 list, you can respond as an individual or a group by selecting 'Other Response' at the start of the survey. If responding to support IJHRM as an institution or business school, please select 'Business school institutional response'.

    Please note that the green button with an arrow at the bottom, which looks like it might take you to a second page, actually just submits the survey.


    Reasons to support the case for IJHRM to rejoin the FT50 Journal List. IJHRM is a leading forum for human resource management (HRM) scholars and professionals worldwide. It is a multi-disciplinary journal that welcomes rigorous and high-quality papers that are based in any discipline – for example organizational behavior, occupational psychology, labour economics, or employment relations – as long as there is a clear link to the HRM literature and that they develop strong implications for HRM practice. Thus, it publishes papers that cover any aspect of people management that are relevant to the field. Within the field of international HRM, it is a premier journal as acknowledged by experts and independent research (Redondo, Fabra & Martín, 2020), and has published by far the highest number of articles on HRM in multinational firms and cross-country comparative HRM (Cooke et al., 2017; Cooke et al., 2019).


    The importance and relevance of IJHRM to the HRM community is illustrated by:

    Massive and increasing academic and public interest. While the article downloads (including EBSCO) in 2018 were close to 1m these have increased to 1.38m in 2019 and are increasing strongly at an annual growth rate of around 40%. The popularity of IJHRM is documented through ever increasing manuscript submissions – we have had more than 1,350 in 2020 already – which allowed us to increase our quality steadily over time.

    Truly global reach. IJHRM has substantial article downloads from across the globe with Europe, Asia, North America and Australia/New Zealand having hundreds of thousand downloads in the last 12 months. Africa and Latin America have tens of thousands of downloads. Amongst the five top citing regions are countries from four continents (UK, USA, China, and Australia). IJHRM is an open and inclusive journal that publishes 110 articles per year written by authors from all continents.

    Strong Impact Factor with an upward trajectory.  IJHRM's 2-year Impact Factor has more than tripled in the last six years and has been in since 2018 above 3.0. It is, therefore, above many of the current FT50 list journals.

    Societal, Managerial and Individual Relevance. There is a vibrant discussion and interest (through citations and downloads) on some of the key human challenges, including dealing with crises/COVID, employment ethics, sustainability and responsibility in HRM, technology and the changing world of work, employee well-being and resilience, broad institutional challenges, the role of leadership in managing people, and the contribution of strategic HRM to business and society.


    Thank you so much for supporting our case to rejoin the FT50 list! We sincerely appreciate it. We would also like to wish you a good festive period and, in these difficult times, hope that you stay safe and healthy.


    Michael Dickmann, Emma Parry, Fang Lee Cooke (IJHRM Editors-in-Chief) and

    James Cleaver (Managing Editor, Routledge)



    Cooke, F. L., Veen, A. and Wood, G. (2017), 'What do we know about cross-country comparative studies in HRM? A critical review of literature in the period of 2000-2014', The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 28:1, 196-233.

    Cooke, F. L., Wood, G., Wang, M. and Veen, A. (2019), 'How far has international HRM travelled? A systematic review of literature on multinational corporations (2000-2014)', Human Resource Management Review, 29:1, 59-75.

    Redondo, R., Fabra, M.E. & Martín, G. (2020). A new ranking of IHRM journals: What type of quantitative research do they publish? German Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol 34(2): 178-201.

    Michael Dickmann
    Cranfield University
    44 1234 754356