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39th edition of Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management

  • 1.  39th edition of Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management

    Posted 09-16-2021 22:25

    The 39th edition of Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management has just been published by Emerald. Since its founding by Gerald R. Ferris and the late Kendrith Rowland in 1983, the series has published monograph-length articles on human resource management topics from many of the most well-known research scholars. The latest table of contents is below:

    Human resource management and the gig economy: Challenges and opportunities at the intersection between organizational HR decision makers and digital labor platforms

    Kristine M. Kuhn, Jeroen Meijerink and Anne Keegan


    Explained pay dispersion: A 20-year review of human resource management research and beyond

    Jason D. Shaw and Xiang Zhou


    "Going to hell in a handbasket?": Personnel responses to organizational politics in economically challenged environments

    Diane A. Lawong, Gerald R. Ferris, Wayne A. Hochwarter and John N. Harris


    Coming of age in a global pandemic: HRM perspectives on Generation Z's workforce entry

    Frances M. McKee-Ryan


    Network structures of influence within organizations and implications for HRM

    Kristin L. Cullen-Lester, Caitlin M. Porter, Hayley M. Trainer, Pol Solanelles, and Dorothy R. Carter


    Human resource management in family firms: Review, integration, and opportunities for future research

    Laura E. Marler, James M. Vardaman and David G. Allen


    HRM challenges for immigrant employees: Status-laden transitions across cultures and workplace social environments

    David A. Harrison, Teresa L. Harrison and Margaret A. Shaffer


    Multidimensional (mis)fit: A systemic view of the refugee employment journey from an HRM perspective

    Vickie Coleman Gallagher, Lisa E. Baranik, Maria Hamdani, Sorin Valcea, Pakanat Kiratikosolrak and Anthony Wheeler


    Next August we will publish our 40th installment of Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management and we are pleased to have article commitments from:

    Jill Ellingson, University of Kansas

    Ingrid Fulmer, Rutgers University

    Allie Gabriel, University of Arizona

    In-Sue Oh, Temple University

    Scott Snell, University of Virginia

    Jim Summers, Iowa State University

    We will also include a 40-year recap of our attempts to add to the knowledge in the human resources management discipline. We have appreciated all of the contributors to the series and look forward to serving the discipline for the next 40 years.

    All of these contributions can easily be accessed online or through your library---

    Please see our website



    Ronald Buckley, University of Oklahoma
    Anthony R. Wheeler, Widener University

    John E. Baur, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben, University of Alabama

    John Baur
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Las Vegas NV