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HR Division 2021 Career Achievement Award Winners

  • 1.  HR Division 2021 Career Achievement Award Winners

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    2021 HR Division Career Achievement Award Winners

    Each year the HR Division of the Academy of Management recognizes individuals who have made exemplary contributions in their career to the advancement of the Human Resource Management (HRM) field. We are very pleased to announce the winners of the HR Division's 2021 Career Achievement Awards.

    We are grateful to the members of each committee involved in selecting these deserving individuals, and we also want to express our gratitude to our sponsors! Please note that sponsors have no involvement in the selection of award winners.

    We are excited to announce the following Award Winners:

    Tammy D. Allen, Herbert Heneman Jr. Award for Career Achievement
    Murray R. Barrick, Herbert Heneman Jr. Award for Career Achievement
    Jaap Paauwe, Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award
    Joel Koopman, Early Career Achievement Award
    Edward E. Lawler III, Dave Ulrich Impact Award

    2021 Awards Committee Co-Chairs
    Julie I. Hancock, University of North Texas
    Karina van de Voorde, Tilburg University
    Patrick E. Downes, Texas Christian University
    Jenna R. Pieper, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Herbert Heneman Jr. Award for Career Achievement

    The Herbert Heneman Jr. Award for Career Achievement is given by the Human Resources Division to an individual who has distinguished herself/himself in the field of human resource management. This award is sponsored by McGraw-Hill.

    This year we are delighted to announce two winners of this prestigious award: Tammy D. Allen, Distinguished University Professor at the University of South Florida, and Murray R. Barrick, Distinguished Professor and the Paul M. and James R. Whatley Chair in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

    To read Dr. Allen's biography, please click here.

    Dr. Allen's colleagues offered many superlatives, including:

    • Dr. Allen conducted some of the first ground-breaking studies of the work-family interface. She legitimized the study of work and family very early in her career and inspired a new generation of work-family scholars.
    • Dr. Allen not only has been one of the most influential scholars in the area of work and family scholarship, she is also one the leading experts on organizational mentoring in the world, continuing to add knowledge to key questions that help make work and life better for thousands of people in the workplace and beyond.
    • Dr. Allen also executed paradigm-shifting, scientifically rigorous research on organizational mentoring. Her work has important implications for helping individuals to be more effective mentors and manage their work-life balance and organizations implement effective mentoring programs and create more family supportive work environments.

    To read Dr. Barrick's biography, please click here.

    Dr. Barrick's colleagues offered many superlatives, including:
    • Dr. Barrick's pioneering meta-analysis in 1991 fundamentally altered our understanding of the relationship between employee personality and job performance, and in doing so highlighted the importance of considering the role of personality in nearly every aspect of HR research.
    • Dr. Barrick's most critical contributions to our discipline involve the role of personality in work contexts and he is, without question, one of the most productive and influential researchers in all of management and applied psychology.
    • Dr. Barrick has had a powerful and positive impact on the field of management that has been sustained for over 30 years, and is one of the most renowned and impactful scholars in HR. He has influenced the field of HR in a way that will be felt for generations to come.

    Many thanks to the award committee: Tim Judge (chair), Brad Bell, Deanne den Hartog, John Schaubroeck, & Connie Wanberg
    Note that due to a conflict of interest, Tim Judge did not participate in the evaluation of Dr. Barrick.

    Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award

    The Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award is given annually by the Human Resources Division to an individual who has distinguished herself/himself in the mentoring of PhD students. This award is named in memory of Tom Mahoney, who himself provided so much guidance to developing PhD students over his long career. This award is sponsored by the Center for Executive Succession, Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina.

    This year's award winner is Jaap Paauwe, emeritus professor of Organization and Human Resource Management at the department of Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University. To read Dr. Paauwe's biography, please click .

    Among the many comments written about Dr. Paauwe, his former students had this to say:

    • Dr. Paauwe is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience and is famous for instilling in his mentees the ability to think critically while keep an open-mind, balanced perspective, having worked with generations of doctoral students making a tremendous impact on their professional development during their studies and post-graduation.
    • Dr. Paauwe deeply cares about his mentees, treats them with dignity, and enables them to reach their full potential by trying to create opportunities for PhD students and junior faculty to learn and develop themselves. He has served as a hub for a community of HRM scholars, many of whom were his former PhD students, who have grown up around him. These people are established scholars in their own right, serving the HR community and transferring Dr. Paauwe's role modelling to their own doctoral students.

    Many thanks to the award committee: Tom Kochan (chair), Tae Youn Park, & Tingting Zhang

    Early Career Achievement Award

    The Early Career Achievement Award recognizes the early career achievement of HR scholars. The Award is given to an individual who makes distinguished contributions during the early- to mid-career stage (defined as within 7 years of receiving the Ph.D.). This award is sponsored by the Center for Human Resources Management at Texas A&M University.

    This year's award winner is Joel Koopman, T.J. Barlow Associate Professor of Management at Texas A&M University. To read Dr. Koopman's biography, please click .

    Dr. Koopman's colleagues remarked quite positively on his productivity, noting:

    • Dr. Koopmans' level of productivity is unmatched by anyone in his professional cohort, and his average top-tier publications per year is on par with only a handful of the most productive scholars in the entire field right now, clearly placing him among the "best of the best" when it comes to early career achievement. He is also an exemplary citizen to the field, giving back in order to help others achieve their own career goals, demonstrating that being a great citizen and a great scholar are not mutually exclusive.
    • Dr. Koopman's work is not only theoretically ground-breaking, but also exceptionally rigorous from a methodological standpoint. His research questions are both novel and interesting, and revolve around phenomena that are vital to the management of human resources.

    Many thanks to the award committee: Brian Swider (chair), Maria del Carmen Triana, John Hausknecht, In-Sue Oh, Amanda Shantz, & Danielle van Jaarsveld

    Dave Ulrich Impact Award

    The Dave Ulrich Impact Award honors the extraordinary career of David Ulrich and his contribution to HR practices across the globe. The award recognizes excellence in the application of theory and research in practice and/or public policy.

    This year's award winner is Edward E. Lawler III, Distinguished Professor of Business and Director of the Center for Effective Organizations in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. To read Dr. Lawler's biography, please click .

    Among the superlatives provided about Dr. Lawler were:

    • Dr. Lawler has had a distinguished career almost unmatched in terms of his ability to publish in academic journals and then write in a way that tremendously impacted practice.
    • Dr. Lawler's books are evidence of his ability to apply research findings to practical questions and to do so in a language accessible to practitioners

    Many thanks to the award committee: Wayne Cascio, John Boudreau, Pawan Budhwar, Deb Cohen, James Sun, & Adrian Wilkinson