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Virtual SI BJM: Managing Human Resources During a Global Crisis

  • 1.  Virtual SI BJM: Managing Human Resources During a Global Crisis

    Posted 13 days ago
    A virtual special issue British Journal of Management on Managing Human Resources During a Global Crisis (Guest edited by Ashish Malik and Karin Sanders) has been published: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/toc/10.1111/(ISSN)1467-8551.managing-human-resources. The virtual special issue includes the following articles:

    Managing Human Resources During a Global Crisis: A Multilevel perspective
    Ashish Malik, and Karin Sanders

    The Impact of Institutional Pressures on Employee Performance Management Systems in Higher Education in the Low Countries
    Adelien Decramer, Carine Smolders, Alex Vanderstraeten, and Johan Christiaens

    Managerial Autism: Threat–Rigidity and Rigidity's Threat
    Olav Muurlink, Adrian Wilkinson, David Peetz, and Keith Townsend

    Corporate Investing as a Response to Economic Downturn: Prospect Theory, the Behavioural Agency Model and the Role of Financial Slack
    Fabio Zona

    'Masters of the Universe': Demystifying Leadership in the Context of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
    David Knights, and Darren McCabe

    Many Hands Lighter Work? Deciphering the Relationship between Adverse Working Conditions and Organization Citizenship Behaviours in Small and Medium‐sized Enterprises during a Severe Economic Crisis
    Alexandros Psychogios, Margarita Nyfoudi, Nicholas Theodorakopoulos, Leslie T. Szamosi, and Rea Prouska

    The Impact of COVID‐19 on IT Services Industry ‐ Expected Transformations
    Krishnamurthy Shankar

    Karin Sanders
    Professor, UNSW Business School
    Sydney NSW, k.sanders@unsw.edu.au