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Non-work factors in the HR process research

  • 1.  Non-work factors in the HR process research

    Posted 10-28-2020 19:40
    Dear HR division members,

    I am currently writing a review paper on the role of non-work factors in HR process research. This review investigates how non-work factors (e.g. personality, family situations, parental behaviours, upbringing, cultural values, etc.) influences employees' perceptions, understanding, and attributions of HRM (i.e. HR system strength and HR attributions), and ultimately their attitudes and behaviours.

    I like to ask for your help in identifying unpublished papers (inc. conference papers, developmental papers, abstracts, etc.) that fit the following criteria to be included in the review. Papers should have
    • at least one measure of HR system strength (distinctiveness, consistency and consensus) and/or HR attribution from any actor (e.g. HR professional, line manager, employee, etc.)
    • at least one hypothesised relationship between a non-work factor and a HR process factor, and
    • the non-work factor is not situated as the dependent variable or located at the country-level.
    That said, I also welcome any paper in this area (inc. theoretical and qualitative) that you think could be useful.

    Thank you all for your support on this and I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me via the email below.

    Many thanks,

    Adam Kitt
    Doctoral Researcher
    Centre of People, Work, and Organisational Practice
    Nottingham Business School
    Nottingham Trent University | 50 Shakespeare Street |

    Karin Sanders
    UNSW Business School, Australia