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A new book titled "Work and Personality Change"

  • 1.  A new book titled "Work and Personality Change"

    Posted 2 days ago

    Dear colleagues,

    May i share a new book titled "Work and Personality Change: What We Do Makes Who We Are" by Lena Wang and Chia-Huei Wu. It is published by Bristol University Press in Feb 2021.

    About the book: 

    Can our job change our personality? While traditionally personality has been considered fixed and stable, recent thinking indicates that this is not the case. Drawing on a wide array of research in the field, in this book, Lena Wang and Chia-huei Wu provide a conceptual overview on how personality can be changed at work by societal, organisational and job-related factors, while considering how individuals can take an active approach in changing their personality at work. The book has five chapters:

    1. What Personality Is and Why It Matters for Organisations

    2. Can Personality Traits Change, and How? A Review of Personality Development Literature

    3. How Work Experiences Drive Personality Change: The Impact of Work, Organisational, Societal and International Environment

    4. Intentional Personality Change: Individual Agency in Change and Interventions for Change

    5. Implications of Personality Change at Work for Research and Practice

    Hope you enjoy the book : )

    A brief interview about this book can be found at Forbes

    'Do Our Jobs Make Us Who We Are? A New Book Examines The Interplay Between Work And Personality Change' 

    Chiahuei Wu
    University of Leeds