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PDW: How to Manage Academic Collaborations

  • 1.  PDW: How to Manage Academic Collaborations

    Posted 2 days ago

    Apologies for cross-postings

    We cordially invite you to our PDW session "How to Manage Academic Collaborations: Tips and Strategies from OB Scholars (5th Annual)"

    Sunday, Aug 11, 2024
    10:00am – 12:00pm

    Zurich D, Swissotel

    Session 680

    This PDW is part of the yearly OB conference program and sponsored by the OB's Making-Connections-Committee. We look forward to welcoming you!

    How to Manage Academic Collaborations: Tips and Strategies from OB Scholars

    Distinguished Speaker

    John Mathieu  University of Connecticut, USA

    Panelists and Table Hosts

    Rachel McCullagh Balven – Arizona State University, USA

    Hooria Jazaieri – Santa Clara University, USA

    Michael Yanche Lee – INSEAD, France

    Michele Williams – University of Iowa, USA

    Ashley Elizabeth Hardin – Washington University in St. Louis, USA

    PDW Organizers
    Stefan Berger – University of Groningen, Netherlands

    Ulrich Leicht-Deobald – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

    Sophie Pychlau Iowa State University, USA

    Joost van de Brake – University of Groningen, Netherlands

    In this PDW, we draw from a variety of perspectives in organizational behavior to learn how we can successfully manage academic collaborations for co-authoring research publications. The primary goals of this PDW are to (1) enhance attendees' awareness of common issues and themes in research teams, and (2) derive practical strategies they can use after the PDW to increase their success and well-being in academic collaborations. The PDW will commence with a keynote from Dr. John Mathieu, highlighting how team science informs our understanding of research collaborations. This will be followed by a panel discussion on a range of pertinent topics, including navigating hierarchical differences, tackling ethical dilemmas, engaging in difficult conversations, and forging productive and meaningful relationships. The panel will feature Drs. Rachel Balven, Hooria Jazaieri, Michael Lee, John Mathieu, and Michele Williams who will bring in their research expertise and personal experience into the panel discussion. Roundtable discussions will follow the panel, providing participants an opportunity to share their experiences in academic collaborations and potentially workshop strategies for attendees' individualized situations. The PDW will conclude with a summative discussion of key learnings.

    We ask for pre-registration (via https://tinyurl.com/4d3mrnfr) but walk-ins are also welcome!

    Sponsor(s): OB, HR, CAR, MOC, ODC, CTO

    Stefan Berger
    Associate Professor
    University of Groningen