Why Join the HR Division

Build Your Network and Make Connections

The HR Division features many ways to interact with other scholars and practitioners from around the globe, including:

Trevor Yu

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Being a member of the HR Division helps me to connect with fellow HR scholars from across the world. Across the years I have made many great connections through HR division events at the annual meeting and the HR Division's International Conferences (HRIC) which have led to collaborations, paper invitations, editorial roles, not to mention friendships forged over a glass of wine (or two) at the socials!


Earn Recognition via Our Many Awards

The HR Division sponsors numerous awards for scholars and practitioners in the field, including:

  • Best Convention Paper Award
  • Best Student Convention Paper Award
  • Ralph Alexander Dissertation Award
  • Scholarly Achievement Award
  • International HRM Scholarly Research Award
  • Innovative Teaching Award
  • Employee Participation and Financial Ownership Scholarly Research Award
  • David P. Lepak Service Award
  • Herbert Heneman Jr. Award for Career Achievement
  • Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award
  • Early Career Achievement Award
  • Dave Ulrich Impact Award
  • Distinguished Human Resource Executive Award


Gain Access to Helpful Resources

The HR Division features great resources to support you in your career, including resources for:

Bex Hewett

RSM Erasmus University

One thing I particularly love about the HR division is our multidisciplinary approach to the same broad field, which cannot be said of all management specialisms. The division has helped me to connect with scholars across the micro-macro spectrum and through that has expanded my research and education knowledge beyond my own specialism.

Exclusive Opportunities for Students

The HR Division recognizes the value in the next generation of scholars, and offers numerous resources for student members, including:

Karen Landay

University of Missouri-Kansas City

What I most appreciate about the HR Division is the sense of community, both at the annual conference as well as throughout the year. As a student attending AOM for the first time, I felt lost and overwhelmed, but the moment I set foot in the HR Division social, I felt at home. The HR Division is an incredibly warm and welcoming community of scholars, and I feel lucky to be a part of such an incredible group of people.


Connect and Socialize at Our Annual Events

The HR Division is one of the most active, social, and collegial corners of the Academy of Management. Learn more at one of our annual events at the 2024 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL:

  • New Member Social
    • Sunday, August 11, 6:30-7:00pm in Swissotel Vevey 1
  • Business Meeting Social 
    • Sunday, August 11, 7:00-8:30pm in Swissotel Vevey 1
  • Breakfast and Awards Presentation
    • Monday, August 12, 7:30-9:00am in Swissotel Zurich D
  • Division Plenary
    • Monday, August 12, 9:30-11:00am in Swissotel Élevé River View 1
  • Ice Cream Social
    • Tuesday, August 13, 1:30-2:30pm in Swissotel Élevé

Kaifeng Jiang

The Ohio State University

Being part of the HR Division has been very rewarding. The resources provided by the HR Division have really helped me up my academic career. I have also made valuable connections with awesome colleagues and lifelong friends. What I cherish most is that this place feels like a community where I fit in, where I've been able to grow into the scholar I want to be. I've found a real sense of belonging here. To put it simply, the HR Division is more than just a professional group - it's a place that brings us together and helps us shine.

 Take Advantage of Professional Development Opportunities

The HR Division hosts several professional development workshops each year, including:

The Middle-stage Doctoral Consortium

This consortium is geared toward HR doctoral students in the middle of their program and is aimed to help students navigate the collection of career issues that begin to emerge when students are about halfway through a doctoral program. Students are expected to begin the transition into independent scholars, start building professional networks, move beyond the structure of courses and exams, and develop skills as an instructor. The workshop topics are designed to help participants develop the knowledge and skills required to be successful at this middle-stage and continue their development into strong researchers and teachers. The workshop will also provide participants the opportunity to interact with other PhD students, network with both senior and junior faculty, and stimulate an exchange of ideas and suggestions among participants.

The Late-stage Doctoral Consortium

This consortium is designed to prepare late-stage doctoral students for successful academic careers. The event features a variety of presenters and interactive panels from experts in the field, a roundtable discussion with editors of major journals and multiple networking opportunities. The consortium is open to late-stage doctoral students actively working on their dissertations. 

New Faculty Consortium

This consortium provides a developmental forum for junior faculty to interact with peers and senior colleagues about how to survive and thrive in their academic careers. The consortium is open to all HR Division junior faculty members with less than 4 years of post-PhD experience who have been recently hired to research and/or teach in HR. The consortium includes a combination of panels, facilitated discussions, small roundtable sessions and as well as the opportunity to network with peers and leading global faculty.

Jake Messersmith

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I find the consortiums and research roundtables offered by the division to be incredibly helpful. Through these opportunities I have been able to develop friendships and professional connections that have helped me develop my own scholarly identity. In addition, these opportunities have enriched my experiences within the broader Academy of Management.