The name of this organization shall be The Human Resources Division of The Academy of Management.


The primary purposes of the Division are the encouragement of professional scholarship in personnel and human resource topics by interested members of the Division and other members of the Academy of Management, dissemination of results of this scholarship, provision for fellowship among persons with professional interest in human resource topics, and engaging in related professional activities of interest to the membership.

“Human Resources” refers here to the organizational functions concerned with development, allocation, and utilization of human resources in economic activity.


Membership in the Division shall be open to members of The Academy of Management who are interested in the Division’s purposes and goals. Membership status is obtained through declaration of interest in the Division and payment of any dues associated with membership.


Section 1.        The officers of the Division shall consist of a Past Division Chair, a Division Chair, a Division Chair‑Elect, a Scholarly Program Chair, and a Professional Development Workshops Chair.

Section 2.        The Past Division Chair serves as counselor to the Division Chair and as Chair of the Nominating Committee during a one-year term to complete the 5-year sequence of service as a Division officer.

Section 3.        The Division Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Division and shall administer all affairs of the Division under the coordination of the president-elect of the Academy of Management and its Professional Division Policy Committee. The Division Chair is responsible for the conduct of the Division’s activities in a manner that will assure the accomplishment of the Division’s purposes, subject to the provisions of the Division Constitution and the Academy Bylaws. The Division Chair shall report on the status and performance of the Division at its Annual Business Meeting. The Division Chair serves a one-year term, then automatically advances to the Past Division Chair position.  The Division Chair cannot succeed himself/herself in office but may be re‑elected for a later term.

Section 4.        The Division Chair‑Elect shall carry out such duties as delegated by the Division Chair.  The Division Chair‑Elect shall serve in the absence of the Division Chair and shall succeed the Division Chair at the termination of the Division Chair’s year in office.

Section 5.        The Scholarly Program Chair shall be responsible for planning and supervising the Division’s program at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. The Scholarly Program Chair serves a one-year term, then automatically advances to the Division Chair-Elect position.

Section 6.        The Scholarly Program Chair shall select a Scholarly Program Committee made up of active Division members of her/his choosing subject to the following considerations.  In order to both develop the skills of our doctoral students and to expand the pool of available reviewers for the conference programs, the scholarly program chair may, at times, employ doctoral students as reviewers. The use of doctoral students needs to be handled with great care, however. Many of our more experienced colleagues may react negatively to having their work rejected by students, and the credibility of the review process may be tarnished if written comments in reviews directly convey technical or historical inaccuracies. In order to balance the needs for development on the one hand, and credibility on the other hand, the program chair should strive to employ only students who have achieved advanced status (e.g., post comprehensive exams or ABD). In addition, no single paper should be evaluated only by students, and when possible, every effort should be made to pair student reviewers with more experienced reviewers, preferably someone with editorial board experience. Finally, in instances where there is a great deal of variability in the evaluations of a single manuscript that was evaluated by a student reviewer, it is incumbent on the scholarly program chair to study such manuscripts with added vigilance to ensure that no submission was adversely impacted by being assigned to a student reviewer.

Section 7.        The Professional Development Workshops Chair shall be responsible for planning and supervising the Division’s pre-conference program of professional development workshops for the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. The Program Development Workshops Chair is elected by a vote of the membership, serves in this office for one-year, then automatically advances to the Scholarly Program Chair position.


Section 1.        The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Past Division Chair and three other members elected by the Executive Committee; no more than one of the three elected members can be a member of the Executive Committee. The Past Division Chair shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.

Section 2.        Nominations are solicited for the elected positions in the fall newsletter and via a call by e-mail to Division members, with a nomination deadline of early January of the following year. The nominations shall be considered by the Nominating Committee in developing the slate of candidates. To develop the slate of candidates, the Nominating Committee will consider various factors, such as (but not limited to) willingness to serve, number of nominations, diversity and representation, or prior history of service.  Two persons selected by the nominating committee, stand for election to the Professional Development Workshops Chair position. Similarly, eight individuals selected by the Nominating Committee become the candidates for the four vacant at-large Executive Committee positions.

Section 3.        An individual member of the Division may be nominated for more than one office. If elected to more than one office, an individual shall assume the duties of the highest office and votes for lower offices shall not be counted.

Section 4.        Once the list of nominees has been established, the actual slate of candidates is developed consisting of a listing of candidates and their bios and statements of interest. This slate is provided to the Academy who runs the election. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall notify each candidate of the individuals elected to office.

Section 5.        In case of vacancy occurring among Division officers or Executive Committee, the Officers shall, as soon as thereafter possible, appoint a replacement for the unexpired term of that officer; in the case of an executive committee position vacancy, the recipient of the fifth highest number of votes from the most recent Executive Committee election will serve the remainder of the departing executive committee member’s term.


Section 1.        The committees of the Division shall include a Nominating Committee, an Executive Committee, Professional Development Workshops committees (typically, but not limited to, Doctoral Student Consortium, Junior Faculty Consortium, Teaching workshops, and International workshops), a Scholarly Program Committee, and other ad hoc committees as deemed necessary by the officers of the Division.

Section 2.        Membership of the Scholarly Program Committee is detailed in Article IV, Section 6; membership of the Nominating Committee is detailed in Article V, Section 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Past Division Chair, Division Chair, Division Chair‑Elect, Scholarly Program Chair, Professional Development Workshops Chair, and twelve other Division members elected by the membership. The Executive Committee is empowered to act for the membership during the period between Annual Business Meetings of the Division; such actions are subject to ratification at the next Annual Business Meeting. The term of office for elected member of the Executive Committee is three years, four membership offices being vacated each year.

Section 3.        Membership on each ad hoc committee shall be determined jointly by its appointed chairperson and the Division Chair, but appointments are made by the Division Chair. Such membership shall provide, insofar as possible, for geographical distribution and representation of varied interests.


There shall be an Annual Business Meeting of the Division held concurrently with the annual meeting of the National Academy of Management. Members of the Division shall be notified of the time and place of the annual meeting by the appropriate officer of The Academy of Management. At least one additional meeting of the officers and executive committee members will be held.


Section 1.        This Constitution may be ratified by a majority vote of all members who vote through a web-based ballot sponsored by the officers of the Division or by a majority vote of members at an Annual Business Meeting of the Division.

Section 2.        Amendments to this Constitution shall be by a majority vote of all members who vote through a web-based ballot sponsored by the officers of the Division, or by a majority vote of members at an Annual Business Meeting of the Division.

Section 3.        In both cases, membership shall include members in good standing as recorded by the Administrative Secretary of the Academy of Management.

Section 4.        Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by the officers of the Division acting in concert, or by a division member whose petition is supported by twenty other Division members or by a majority vote of the Division members present at the Annual Business Meeting of the Division.


Version approved by Executive Committee: 10/22/2021