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AOM members free access to CARMA Webcasts this Friday and five recordings for April

  • 1.  AOM members free access to CARMA Webcasts this Friday and five recordings for April

    Posted 04-08-2024 17:58

    AOM Members-

    CARMA (Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods & Analysis) is a non-profit academic center at Texas Tech University now in our 26th year of providing research methods education. We are pleased to offer live online access to our Webcast Lectures free of charge to AOM Student and Academic Members as part of the new 2024 AOM-CARMA Affiliate Program. We invite you to join us for our latest Webcast Lecture Series on Friday, April 12, as we cover:    

    ·      On the Nuisance of Control Variables in Causal Regression Analysis

    Dr. Paul Hünermund, Copenhagen Business School

    Friday, April 12 | 9:00 AM EDT (New York) / 2:00 PM BST (London)


    Control variables are included in regression analyses to estimate the causal effect of a treatment on an outcome. In this article, we argue that the estimated effect sizes of controls are unlikely to have a causal interpretation themselves, though. This is because even valid controls are possibly endogenous and represent a combination of several different causal mechanisms operating jointly on the outcome, which is hard to interpret theoretically. Therefore, we recommend refraining from interpreting the marginal effects of controls and focusing on the main variables of interest, for which a plausible identification argument can be established. To prevent erroneous managerial or policy implications, coefficients of control variables should be clearly marked as not having a causal interpretation or omitted from regression tables altogether. Moreover, we advise against using control variable estimates for subsequent theory building and meta-analyses.

    ·      Joy of Coding Data

    Dr. Anne Smith, University of Tennessee

    Friday, April 12 | 12:00 PM EDT (New York) / 5:00 PM BST (London)


    Coding – the iterative process of tagging textual during an interpretive qualitative project - can be described as "daunting", "full of mystery", and "messy". Yet, over my multi-decade journey of making sense of qualitative data, I have learned through many activities and efforts, such as: initial coding on paper using multi-colored markers and scissors to later developing proficiency with computer aided qualitative data analysis programs; going down numerous coding "rabbit holes" resulting in time-consuming backtracking (which is normal in any project!); and reanalyzing my data many times during the publication review process. In the end, I have learned to enjoy coding. I use the metaphor of learning to paint, channeling Bob Ross who was famous for his "Joy of Painting" program on the US public television station. I hope that my webinar will reflect his positivity, helpfulness, and encouragement to aspiring or seasoned scholars. This webinar addresses only coding (not the entire analysis process, which is best described by Locke, Feldman and Golden-Biddle, 2022); this webinar does provide a few CAQDAS techniques but not in the depth and detail found in O'Kane, Smith, and Lerman, 2021. Before the end of my career, I am delighted to share coding approaches that seem to resonate with students during CARMA training and to encourage qualitative researchers at different stages who are wrangling with textual data.

    To access CARMA's live online Webcast Lectures, follow these steps:

    ·      Sign into your AOM account.

    ·      Click on the person icon then your name on the top right of the screen.

    ·      In the information area, click the CARMA globe logo.

    ·      When prompted, click "Access CARMA" button.

    ·      This button will take you to CARMA's Affiliate Program Access page.

    ·      On the access page click the "CARMA User Area" button.

    ·      From within the CARMA User Area, click the "Access Live Events" tab to join our upcoming events.

    Our AOM Affiliate Program also gives you access to CARMA's AOM Video Library Collection. The collection consists of 5 new recordings available each month in the "Video Recording" tab of the CARMA User Area. These recordings serve as a valuable resource for authors, reviewers, editors, and instructors and aid in enriching the learning experience. The available recordings for the month of April are:

    ·      Dr. Lisa Harlow - Confirmatory Factor Analysis Application with R-lavaan

    ·      Dr. Tine Koehler - Qualitative Data Analysis Beyond Templates

    ·      Dr. Andrew Speer - Machine Learning

    ·      Dr. Mo Wang - Disentangling Effect Size Heterogeneity in Meta-analysis

    ·      Dr. Mike Withers - Omitted Variable Bias

     If you have trouble accessing your AOM-CARMA Affiliate Program User Account, email us at carma@ttu.edu.

    Dr. Larry Williams, CARMA Director


    Larry Williams
    Texas Tech University
    Lincoln NE
    (806) 834-1479