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HR Division Election Result

  • 1.  HR Division Election Result

    Posted 05-26-2023 03:31

    Dear Fellow HR Division members

    The AOM election portal recently closed and I am delighted to confirm the HR Division election results. Almost 22% of our membership voted. This is slightly below historical norms in the Division but consistent with other Divisions this year. Thank you to each and every one of you that voted.  We had an exceptional slate of candidates and the election was very close. I am grateful to all of our candidates for putting themselves forward. Following the counting of votes we can confirm the outcome of the election is as follows. I am sure you will agree that our Division is in safe hands moving forward and join me in congratulating our new executive committee members.



    DIVISION OFFICER TRACK (six year term):

    Corine Boon, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands



    Michal Biron, University of Haifa, Israel

    Frederick Scott Bentley, University of Delaware, USA

    Liza Castro Christiansen, Henley Business School, UK

    Huiwen Lian, Texas A&M University, USA

    Helen Shipton, Nottingham Business School, UK

    Adam C. Stoverink, University of Arkansas, USA

    Send on behalf of the HR Division Election Committee

    David Collings, Trinity College Dublin (Chair)

    Helen DeCieri, Monash University

    Dana Minbaeva, King's College London

    Deidra Schleicher, Iowa State University

    David Collings
    Trinity College Dublin
    Dublin 2