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HR Division Research Roundtables - Chat With The Experts!

  • 1.  HR Division Research Roundtables - Chat With The Experts!

    Posted 13 days ago

    Please join us for the HR Division Research Roundtable Networking Forum (session 438) at the upcoming AOM Meeting. This PDW will be held Saturday, August 6 from 1:00PM - 2:30PM in the Hyatt Regency (Elwha A). This session is scheduled as "in-person only." No pre-registration is required. Please just show up!

    We have scholars from a variety of topic areas who will be available to discuss issues related to their area of expertise (interesting findings in their own research, what is the next "big question" in that area, and advice for people beginning their own research on that topic). You can see the full list of contributors below.

    We will have 3x 25 minute rotations, so you will be able to speak with multiple experts during your time at this PDW. Please come and check it out!

    Alternative Work Arrangements
    Anthony Nyberg, University of South Carolina
    Zhaoli Song, National University of Singapore

    Peter Bamberger, Tel Aviv University
    Ingrid Fulmer, Rutgers University

    Dave Arena, Jr, University of Texas at Arlington
    Christian Thoroughgood, Georgia State University

    Global HRM
    Dave Collings, Dublin City University
    Elaine Farndale, Pennsylvania State University

    HR & Entrepreneurship
    Clint Chadwick, University of Kansas
    Melissa Cardon, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
    Jake Messersmith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    HR Analytics
    Mike Howe, Iowa State University

    Leader Development & Executive Coaching
    Ron Piccolo, University of Central Florida
    Joyce Bono, University of Florida

    Onboarding & Socialization
    Lillian Eby, University of Georgia
    Songqi Liu, Georgia State University

    Organizational Culture & Climate
    Jennifer Chatman, University of California-Berkeley
    Chad Hartnell, Georgia State University

    Performance Management
    Deidra Schleicher, Iowa State University
    Nikos Dimotakis, Oklahoma State University

    Recruitment & Job Search
    Connie Wanberg, University of Minnesota
    Shuhua Sun, Tulane University

    Selection & Staffing
    Rong Su, University of Iowa
    Chris Nye, Michigan State University
    Chad van Iddekinge, University of Iowa

    Sex & Gendered Work Disparities
    Alicia Grandey, Pennsylvania State University
    Mikki Hebl, Rice University

    Social Sexual Behavior
    Shannon Rawski, Western University
    Leah Sheppard, Washington State University
    Jamie Gloor, University of St. Gallen

    Stigma & Status
    Hee Young Kim, Rider University
    Jim Summers, Iowa State University

    Strategic HRM
    Pat Wright, University of South Carolina
    Rebecca Kehoe, Cornell University

    Training & Development
    Justin Weinhardt, University of Calgary
    Traci Sitzmann, University of Colorado-Denver

    Turnover, Absenteeism, & Withdrawal
    Anthony Klotz, University College London
    Alex Rubenstein, University of Central Florida