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Interested in effect size measures and trends in the journal review process?

  • 1.  Interested in effect size measures and trends in the journal review process?

    Posted 02-05-2023 20:10


    Interested in effect size measures and trends in the journal review process?

    We would like to invite current AOM Student and Academic members to join us for CARMA's upcoming events, this Friday, February 10, 2023.  The two events below are available free of charge as part of the 2022-2023 AOM-CARMA Affiliate Program.   These events include a CARMA Webcast Lecture and a CARMA PhD Prep Group Panel Session.

     Instructions for how to access the events via the AOM website is provided at the end of the event information below.  I hope you can join us for these helpful sessions.  Dr. Larry Williams, CARMA Director

    Friday February 10

    CARMA Webcast Lecture, 12:00pm-1:30pm ET

    Interpreting Results with Practical Significance in Mind:
    An Overview of the Common Language Effect Size Indices

    Dr. Dina Krasikova
    University of Texas at San Antonio


    In looking for ways to bridge a divide between science and practice, organizational scholars suggested that more efficient ways of conveying research results are needed to improve knowledge transfer from science to practice. One strategy to improve the communicability of effects obtained in organizational research is to use common language effect size indices (CL) that are intuitively interpretable. In this lecture, I will provide an overview of the existing CL indices - CL g that is used for group comparisons, CL r that supplements bivariate correlations, and CLβ that is used with multiple regression models, including regressions with higher-order terms. I will demonstrate how these indices can be computed, interpreted, and used in conjunction with other metrics designed to interpret the size and patterns of predictor effects.

    CARMA PhD Prep Group, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM ET 

    Methodological Trends in the Review Process
    Host: Dr. Miles Zachary, Auburn University

    Dr. Kristen Shockley, University of Georgia
    Dr. Ryan Krause, Texas Christian University
    Dr. Tim Quigley, University of Georgia

    To access the events above and other live events offered as part of the 2022-2023 AOM-CARMA Affiliate Program:

    • Sign into your AOM account.
    • Click on your name at the top.
    • In the information area click the CARMA globe logo.
    • When prompted click "Access CARMA" button.
    • This button will take you to Affiliate Program Access page.
    • On the Access page follow the instructions for accessing live events.


    Larry Williams
    Texas Tech University
    Lincoln NE
    (806) 834-1479