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PDW on Knowledge Creation Through International Research Networks During a Pandemic (session 108)

  • 1.  PDW on Knowledge Creation Through International Research Networks During a Pandemic (session 108)

    Posted 24 days ago

    The need for high-quality comparative research that can identify commonalities and differences in management practice between countries and their root sources has only been exacerbated by the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The questions remain as to how we can best produce rigorous and valid comparative international management research and how we can co-create it for dissemination and use at a time in which numerous restrictions have increased the need for telecommunications around the world. This PDW will examine opportunities and challenges that comparative research presents for international management researchers and will discuss specifically the use of networks to conduct such research. Using the experience of a network of scholars (CRANET) that have conducted comparative research into Human Resource Management (HRM) for 30 years in over 40 countries, this session aims to exchange knowledge around comparative management work, identify the difficulties inherent in such research –particularly during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic-and, based on the accumulated experience of this collaborative network, solidify an agenda for future improvements to research design in this area as well as how junior scholars can become involved. The workshop will use a combination of short presentations and roundtable discussions to achieve this aim.

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