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PhD Applications Open for Virginia Tech's program in Management

  • 1.  PhD Applications Open for Virginia Tech's program in Management

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    Ph.D. Program in Management

    Concentrations in OBHR and OMT

    Pamplin College of Business

    Virginia Polytechnic and State University


    We are accepting applications for admission to the Ph.D. Program in Management at Virginia Tech for the cohort of students beginning in Fall 2024, particularly in the areas of organizational behavior/human resources management, organizational & management theory, and DEIA.  Final applications are due January 15, 2024.


    Our customizable, student-centric Doctoral Program prepares individuals for careers as scholars at research universities around the world. Recent graduates have accepted appointments at outstanding U.S. institutions such as University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Alabama-Birmingham, Auburn, Rutgers, San Diego State, and Michigan Tech, as well as leading international research universities, including Nanjing University. Ph.D. students work closely with leading scholars throughout their program of studies through a mentorship, advisory, and apprenticeship program that aims to address the interests and needs of each student in a highly individualized fashion.


    The program of study typically requires four years of full-time study. Upon completion of the core seminars in theory and methods, students specialize in one or more of the management sub-disciplines, while undertaking a highly customized degree program that is developed in consultation with their respective faculty mentors. Given the breadth of doctoral programs in the Pamplin College of Business and the varied research domains which Virginia Tech's research ecosystem comprises, Ph.D. students have the opportunity to take doctoral coursework with leading scholars campus-wide. After advancing to candidacy, students will earn a Ph.D. by developing and defending a dissertation embodying an original contribution to the field.


    All students receive graduate assistantship support and waiver of all tuition charges. The current stipend is $34,000 per year, with multiple opportunities to supplement this base amount through fellowships, scholarships, and other grants. For the first two years of the program, students receive guaranteed summer research funding. Thereafter, students are eligible for an array of departmental, College, and University scholarships of $7,500 per summer. Students also receive generous support for conference attendance, data purchases, and other research-related expenses.


    Recent faculty research has been published in the field's top journals, such as: Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Annals, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, Organization Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Organizational Research Methods, Personnel Psychology, and Strategic Management Journal. The tight-knit group of faculty, students, and program alumni offer extensive opportunities for research collaborations with leading OB, OMT, and RM scholars – including Christopher OLH Porter, Cindy Devers, Kevin Carlson, Dan Beal, Bill Becker, A.K. Ward, Jeff Arthur, Phil Thompson, and Marla White -- as well as ongoing career support and a community of engaged scholarship.


    VT, located in beautiful Blacksburg, Virginia, is a vibrant, Carnegie R1 institution, comprised of nearly 40,000 students and 5,000 faculty, known throughout the world for its novel contributions to scientific discovery and development. Growth in the university's research scope has been impressive and sustained. An extensive array of innovative new initiatives continues to place VT at the leading edge of managerial and organizational research. In recent years, VT embarked upon a yet another major expansion through the announcement of its new Graduate Innovation Campus in concert with Amazon's HQ2 in Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. The one million square-foot project will position VT as a world leader in technology research and the development of next-gen products and services. The Pamplin College of Business and Department of Management are intimately connected to this unfolding vision, benefiting current and prospective doctoral students as well as the Program's distinguished alumni.


    More information about: (a) the academic structure of the Ph.D. Program, (b) past student placements and (c) web links to current faculty and Ph.D. students may be found at:


    The VT application portal may be found at:


    Specific research-related questions of potential applicants may be emailed to any Management faculty member by following the link above to faculty web pages, or by contacting the Director of Doctoral Studies in Management, Dr. Richard A. Hunt [rickhunt@vt.edu]

    Admissions-related questions may be sent to the doctoral program administrator, Ms. Kara Mullins [mkara@vt.edu]

    The application deadline is January 15, 2024.

    Daniel Beal
    Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg VA
    (713) 301-0425